In Favor of the spring season officially beginning in New York I'm doing the

I love spring book tag


1. How is spring where you live?

Due to global warming the weather in NY has been extremely bipolar. One day it would be freezing in the morning, pour in the afternoon then become sunny and warm afterwards. 

2. Most anticipated book release this spring?


It just seems like the perfect contemporary for you to just read in one sitting.

3. Tell us about a book cover that makes you think of spring.

All the light colors and the tree behind the bench reminds me of going for a causal stroll in the park and a cool spring day.

4. Where are you going to read this spring?

I read the first book and loved it, to all the boys I've loved before by Jenny Han, so I'm really want to get to this book. But hopefully a lot more than just that.

5. Find a cover with the sun on it!


Do you get it? 

6. What are your favorite springs reads?

I love to read anything contemporary because it just puts me into that spring mood. Like...... 



7. Find a book with many different colors on it.

Even though this is more of a summer book rather than spring one, the cover is undeniably gorgeous.