I know this is so typical, but i was busy. With school and braces. I GOT BRACES. But i'm only gonna have them for a year or 2.

If any of you guys have ever had braces or still have them comment down your experience, i would love to read them.


I was nervous for what was to happen but it was over in a snap. There is like no pain but there are some cons that i wish did not occur. Like the chemical they used to whiten the surface of my teeth was so sour, it made me gag. I chose the color silver so it wouldn't stand out as much. It's been a few days now. But right after getting braces i recommend you drink something sweet, because for me it tasted all sour, bitter and metallic afterwards. I got a recent favorite, Strawberry Frappuccino.


Learned that the hard way. 

(see what i did there)

The thing you should actually fear is the days after the procedure. They are a living h*ll. The doctors warn you and they tell you to put in painkillers, but instead i drank lots of cold water or juice. That is both healthy and it soothes the pain, but the irritation doesn't go away. But you just need patience. I also avoided anything non liquid, so i ate soup for the next week, helps you lose a few pounds. I'm looking forward to the results.